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Commercial Auto Insurance

Understanding the essentials of commercial auto insurance is crucial to businesses utilizing vehicles for operational purposes. This specialized insurance caters to the unique needs of businesses, offering protection against financial losses from accidents, theft and other perils associated with business vehicles, depending on the coverages you choose. 

Contact Fase Insurance Group in Conyers, Georgia, for a personalized commercial auto insurance quote. 

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover? 

Commercial auto insurance may help safeguard your business from unforeseen expenses arising from vehicular incidents. Key aspects typically addressed include: 

  • Liability protection may help cover costs associated with bodily injury and property damage for which your business is legally responsible up to the policy’s limits. 
  • Physical damage may assist in covering repair or replacement costs for your business vehicle if it’s damaged or lost due to events such as accidents, theft or natural disasters. 

Depending on your company’s needs, your agent may recommend other coverage, including uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and cargo insurance. 

How Much Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cost? 

Commercial auto insurance premiums depend on several factors, including the type, use and number of vehicles, the company’s location, the driving records of those insured, and the chosen coverage limits and deductibles. To get a precise commercial auto insurance quote, consult a commercial auto insurance broker who can evaluate your specific needs and help you understand the pricing structure. 

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The right commercial auto insurance is essential if your business utilizes vehicles for daily operations. Contact Fase Insurance Group for tailored commercial auto insurance coverage. 

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